Wow! Make big $$$! Fast 'n' easy!

Hey, you probably hate those spam, scams, chain-letter deals, and multi-level marketing swindles as much as I do, but this, this is way, way different!

Say, did you know that mailing list vendors will pay $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, as much as $0.10 per address? Well, they will! And this software is your key to UNLIMITED wealth because it can create as many addresses as you like! It's easy! First, just send me $20. This is perfectly legal because I am providing a valuable service--selling you software! Then, generate names with it and send them to a mailing list vendor! They will probably never figure out that these names and addresses are fake! Yes, they're fake, fake, totally bogus and utterly worthless! But so cleverly constructed that nobody would ever guess!

Act now and also get the version that generates fake email addresses! Now how much would you pay?

(This is a joke, folks. Don't really send me any money.)

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