Elinor Goulding Smith's Great Big Messy Book

How to Make a Greek Temple (Chapter 8) (Large illustrations, adjust your browser window for full screen)

Elinor Goulding Smith's Great Big Messy Book is now back in print! Buy it online at 1stBooks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any brick-and-mortar bookstore that takes special orders (giving them the ISBN number, 1-4033-1406-3, may help them find it).

It is a 6" by 9" paperback, the format Elinor Goulding Smith wanted it to be in, so it is not as big as the original, but just as messy.

About the Book

Many people would like to make their own Greek temple in which to sit and pluck a lyre in the moonlight, but are afraid to try because they donít know exactly how to go about it. Elinor Goulding Smith shows you the way. Crystal-clear illustrations with smudgy fingerprints take you step-by-step through this and seven other lovely, yet practical projects for your home.

You will also learn how to make a beautiful flower arrangement... how to wrap a package... how to make a sensitive, powerful oil painting that everyone will ooh and aah over... how to fold a handkerchief into a doll... how to clean and repair your own watch... how to make a decorative and useful table for your living room... and how to make an absolutely gorgeous hooked rug that will last for years and become a treasured heirloom and excite the admiration and envy of everyone who sees it and make you terribly happy.

Unless, of course, things go wrong.

This very funny book is dedicated "to all the people, all over the world, who drop things."

About the Author

Humorist Elinor Goulding Smith (1917-1978) wrote The Complete Book of Absolutely Perfect Housekeeping, The Complete Book of Absolutely Perfect Baby and Child Care, Confessions of Mrs. Smith,The Battered Bride, Noboby Really Likes a Nervous Cow, That's Me, Always Making History, and Horses, History, and Havoc: Through the Ages with Hoof in Mouth . Her subtly subversive articles appeared in Redbook, McCalls, Woman's Day, Vogue, Ladies' Home Journal and most of the leading women's magazines of the day. She was married to Robert Paul Smith, author of Where Did You Go? Out. What Did You Do? Nothing, and illustrated his second bestseller, How To Do Nothing With Nobody All Alone By Yourself.