About Joseph Smith

This site memorializes Joseph Smith (1948-2015): pianist, vocal coach, music teacher, writer, and lecturer.

His work is his best memorial. Online videos includes links to a video of full lecture-recital on Verdi’s’ Miserere; commentary on and performance of three pieces; and performances of seven pieces. From the Articles page, you can read and download over sixty of his articles, from Piano Today and other magazines.

Under “About Joseph Smith” you will find material about his life: most notably, a link to the memorial concert presented in his honor at Montclair State University. This concert features talks and piano and singing performances by Smith’s colleagues and friends. You will also find his Wikipedia biography, obituary, and professional bio.

Other pages provide lists of his published works and recordings, some still in print.

Joe responded to encore requests at his performances with pieces like this one: the “Arietta” from Grieg, Lyric Pieces, Op. 12. This recording is from his debut recital in 1974. Goodnight, Joe.

This website is a modification and re-purposing of Joseph Smith’s former website, which was intended to support his professional career. The original website was designed by Copper Horse Designs, and I gratefully acknowledge using the work Copper Horse did in collecting and organizing content. The visual design (or lack thereof) is mine alone.–Dan Smith

The similarity between Joseph Smith’s name and that of Joseph Smith (1805-1844), founder of the Latter Day Saints, is coincidental. He was named after members of his extended family.