Lectures and Lecture‑Recitals Given by Joseph Smith

Chopin Forms as Adopted by Twentieth Century Composers
Chopin’s Predecessors
The Dawn of Romanticism
Editions Matter!
Grieg, Grainger, Bartok, and Their Folkloric Piano Music
Ireland in the Piano Repertoire
Nineteenth Century Jewish Composers
Rare Finds for Piano
Twentieth Century Jewish Composers
The WellRead Piano
What is a Barcarolle?
Why Tempo Markings Don’t Work
Hand Divisions—a Technical, Interpretive or Ethical Matter?
Musical Portraits from Life
Verdi’s Miserere re-composed by Gottschalk, Liszt, and Jelly Roll Morton
Romantic Composers Embrace the Baroque
Tundra to West Texas: Folk Music in the Piano Repertoire