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From Piano magazine

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From Journal of the American Liszt Society
From Clavier magazine
From Smith’s anthology, “Rare Finds,” not posted here due to copyright restrictions

J. S. Bach – Adagio after Marcello (Bach shows us how to ornament)
Alfredo Catalani – In Dream (and Toscanini’s letters)
Ignacio Cervantes – The Peal of Laughter (a hat started it)
Claude Debussy – Hommage to Haydn (on Haydn’s name)
Europe and Dabney – The Castles’ Half and Half (a social dance in 5/4)
Mikhail Glinka – Barcarolle (Russian gondola)
Percy Grainger – The Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol (and other Christmas music)
Enrique Granados – Memories of Infancy (return to childhood?)
Erich Korngold – Entr’acte (a “frightening” prodigy)
Edward MacDowell – In Deep Woods (middle pedal a metaphor)
Manuel Ponce – Despite All (inspired by a sculptor)
Antonin Reicha – Fugue No. 12 (but is it a fugue?)
Ottorino Respighi – Canon (piano canons are rare)
Gioacchino Rossini – A Caress for My Wife (a famous cupboard)
Franz Schubert – Hungarian Melody (late entering the repertoire)
Bedrich Smetana – Polka Poétique (not an oxymoron)
Billy Strayhorn – Valse (classical Strayhorn is still Strayhorn)
Carl Maria Von Weber – Andantino con moto (a romantic pioneer in every medium)