Rev. Dr. Kapya John Kaoma

The Rev. Canon Dr. Kapya John Kaoma was ordained in 1996, in the Anglican Diocese of Central Zambia. He studied with Franciscan Brothers in Zimbabwe and at Theological College of Central Africa in Zambia, where he earned his Ist Class degrees in Pastoral Theology and Education. He was awarded a merit based Scholarship to Study at Trinity College (University of Bristol) in England for a Master of Arts majoring in Ethics. In 2002, he was awarded another merit-based scholarship to attend Episcopal Divinity School (EDS). In 2003, he was awarded a Doctoral Fellowship to pursue doctoral studies at Boston University, majoring in Environmental Ethics.

Fr. John has worked in different capacities. He taught Ethics at Africa University (Zimbabwe), was Teaching Assistant in Ethics at EDS and is a Teaching Assistant in Homiletics at Boston University. He preached in and ministered in Europe, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the USA. His pastoral experience includes his work as Dean of St. John’s Cathedral in the Diocese of Manicaland, where he helped direct the Cathedral into outreach ministries to the poor and oppressed and as Rector of Holy Name Parish, Mutare. Because of his prophetic stance against injustice, the government of Robert Mugabe harassed him and forced him out of Zimbabwe. He went back to Zambia where he served as Dean of Studies of St. John’s Seminary and Priest in Charge of St. George’s Anglican Church.

Although he ministered at Christ Church in different capacities since 2005, he was officially appointed Priest in Charge in 2008 of both Christ Church and Iglesia de San Juan. His current ministry involves making these two great congregations come together. Fr. John reminds congregants to view each other from God’s perspective. “Our God is bigger than our races and nations of origins; let us allow Christ to break the barriers that separate us,” Fr. John always says.

His diocesan involvements include his experience as examining chaplain to the Bishop of Manicaland. He is currently a co-chair of Diocese of Massachusetts Scholarship of Africans Studying in America Msasa Committee; sits on the Diocese of Massachusetts Immigration Task Force and board member of Episcopal City Mission in the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. He has published articles in different journals and currently working on the book, Ignorant majority, Ethical Analysis of the Democratic Process in Southern Africa. He has presented conference academic papers in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and USA.

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  1. Elisabeth LaRoe says:

    Can I send a letter to Fr Kapya John Kaoma at this address? I just saw God Loves Uganda, and want to thank him for his work in this area.

  2. mporche says:

    Yes you can send a letter here or directly to Fr John at

    Thank you for your support for the film God Loves Uganda.

  3. WIsh to be in touch with Dr K J Kaoma

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