Prayer List

Please include those on this list in your regular prayer life. We also invite you to share your own requests for prayer to Rev. Lisa so that we may include it on this list. Requests for prayers will be posted for two weeks.

All Saints Day Prayers in Memory of or in Honor of:

Dia de los Santos–Oraciones y Memoriales:

Barbara Gordon, Alice Smith

Barbara & Arthur Henderson

In memory of all departed souls in Igboenyesi; Ifejiofor and Obi’s family, especially Brian Igboenyesi

Domingo Cora (Iris Lind’s father)

Inés Peña, Manuel Nova, Vitalina Nova

Julio Ernesto Peguero, Clives Nova

Moises Arias Vallado, Ana Nasario

Carmela Arias, Pedro Gaitan

Nelson Quiñonez, Melvin Arroyo, Rosa Peña Rivera

Edna Cairasco Angelica Serrano, Jonathan Vasquez

Johnny Vasquez, Marisol Rosario, Lizzette Diaz

Joana Maldonado, Hakeen Boyles Eaiesha

Janaya Wright Santorios, My neighbors for peace

Jackie & James Porche

Marie Roy – prayer for health. Family members: Y. Roy and Alfonso Rodrigues who has passed away.

Pray for my (Fleuradieu Joseph’s) father Jean Joseph who is sick and prayer for my mother who is sick.

Tomaso Toro (Bolito), Hector & Jodi Desoto

Please pray for me (Ngozi Obi-Osuagwu) and kids and my family, friends and well wishers. More important, my business to start growing again (NG Catering Services). Also, all the members of this church. Amen.

One Response to Prayer List

  1. Vandana Sunray says:


    Luke 21: 1 – 4

    We are celebrating PASTOR SUPPORT SUNDAY on 22nd October 2017 from 10 am to 12 noon in The Christ Methodist Church Najafgarh,
    Nangloi Road, Najafgarh, New Delhi – 110043 – India

    Prayer Points

    1. Big gathering 2. Huge offering
    3. People should bring huge amount of money in envelops
    4. Many more people should bring their tithe
    5. Many more people should bring their sacrificial offering
    6. Jesus should multiply their money
    7. Rev. Henry W. Sunray should preach heart–touching and soul -winning sermon


    Roman 8: 26


    1. Send it to every Christian house


    2. Inspire the Christians for prayers

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